Nation's Oldest City

St. Augustine, FL

The Ghost Tours of St Augustine, Florida

There are ghost tours offered in St. Augustine, Florida that may tickle your fancy if you enjoy learning about the history of Florida, as well as about the spirits that still seem to linger about in the various grounds, streets, and structures of this “Ancient City” as deemed by the locals. You can explore the supposed “haunted” areas by way of a carriage that is pulled by a beautiful horse, a trolley tour, a boat, or by simply walking. Here, you will be introduced to the ghost tours of St. Augustine.

1) A Ghostly Gathering

If you elect to take a ghost tour of St. Augustine with “A Ghostly Gathering”, you will get to learn about the haunted history of the city while riding in a beautiful, and yet, spooky looking carriage that is pulled by a beautiful horse. There are several different types of carriages that you can ride on, and the rates are excellent too! You will enter into territory that is considered to be among the oldest in the city, and be introduced to several haunting tales by local tour guides that are professionals when it comes to the history and spooks of the Ancient City.

2) Ghosts and Gravestones

While touring with “Ghosts and Gravestones” in St. Augustine, Florida, you will climb onboard a black trolley that travels around the city in the evening and night hours. Here, you will learn about one of the earliest graveyards and burial sites in the entire city, the hauntings of the “Old Jail”, and several other spooky hot spots for paranormal activity. The appropriately named “Trolley of the Doomed” stops and allows you to enter into several buildings, and to take pictures. This has been named as one of the best ghost tours when it comes to the experience itself. If you are seeking out the spirits that reside in various areas of this city – “Ghosts and Gravestones” is an excellent ghost tour!

3) A Ghostly Encounter

If you want to take a ghost tour in the Nation’s oldest city, “A Ghostly Encounter” has been deemed by several different television stations and shows as one of the best! Here, you start your tour at the ever-popular Spanish Military hospital and learn about the resident spirits, the history of the hospital, as well as other popular locations for paranormal activity in the city. Not only can you tour the hospital, but you can also explore dark corners of the city, and walk around a number of notable haunted locations in St. Augustine as well. This is also considered to be the most cost efficient tour offered.

4) Ghost Tours of St. Augustine

“Ghost Tours of St. Augustine” offers ghost boat tours on the Matanzas. You will ride on a 72 foot boat that is named “Freedom”. While on this boat, you will hear the spooky stories that surround the ever-popular “Matanzas Inlet”. In addition to being guided upon the water by professionals, you can also choose from a nice beverage selection while onboard the boat.

If you want to learn more about the history of the Atlantic coast, St. Augustine, and Florida in general, as well as the real ghosts that seem to linger about, taking a ghost tour in St. Augustine Florida will prove to be an exciting adventure!

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  1. Some times its a difficult to believe that this is the true. Well, I have to visit this “gost” places. Nice article, I will visit St Augustine this summer for my vacation.

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