Nation's Oldest City

St. Augustine, FL

Historic sites worth a visit

Visitors can see the city from any of the sightseeing trains, ride by trolley, horse-drawn cab or just walk through the city streets. There are many historic homes and sites to explore.

The Oldest House is one of the nation’s most studied and documented dwellings. It lies south of the Bridge of Lions where Avenida Menendez street turns and changes its name to St.. Francis Street.

The Oldest House is one of the nation’s most studied and documented dwellings. It is located south of the Bridge of Lions, where Avenida Menendez street bends and changes its name to St.. Francis Street.

Central point in town is the Plaza de la Constitution. This item is now a leafy square and was the heart of the Spanish settlement. The square is situated at the western part of the Bridge of Lions, the bridge that goes out towards St. Augustine Beach.

Only a few blocks from the Plaza de la Constitution is Old St.. Augustine Village. This little village is made up of nine pieces of historic houses built from 1710 to 1910.

Oldest Wooden School House is located in the northern part of the old town and is said to be the oldest school building in the United States. It was built in the late 1700s and located just a few blocks from the fort Castillo de San Marcos.

Opposite the school-house is Colonial Spanish Quarter, a living museum reflecting life in the garrison town from the mid 1700s.

Castillo de San Marco, one can not help but see where it lies in Matanzas Bay. The fort was built in 1672 and took many years to complete. Worth a visit and there is plenty of parking.

Mission Nombre de Dios is the site of the country’s first Catholic religious service. This was held on 8th September 1565 when Pedro Menendez de Avila landed. The site is located about 1 km north of central St. Augustine, the longest U.S. route 1, and is excellent with a 70 meter high cross made of stainless steel.

Opposite Nombre de Dios, you will find the Swedish-owned motel Ramada Historic. The Swedish pair Camilla and Zoran ensures that you will enjoy your stay! When you stay at the Ramada Inn, leave the car parked, the two sight-seeing trains running up to the hotel lobby and pick you up for a tour of the city.

Just north of Nombre de Dios is the “Fountain of Youth” (fountain of youth). It was Ponce de Leon who discovered this place, the year was 1513th This is said to be North America’s first historic site, the old Indian town Seloy. When you’re here, take the opportunity to sample the water from the fountain of youth. A taste of it might make you a bit young…

In addition to the above sites you will find a variety of small museums, art, antiques and souvenir shops, restaurants and bars and a lot of temporary “happenings”.

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