Nation's Oldest City

St. Augustine, FL

Ghost Tours of St. Augustine

Ghost Tours of St. Augustine was developed in 1994 by Sandy Craig, a native resident of St. Augustine. Sandy’s heritage roots go back 400 years in St. Augustine, to the first Spanish settlers who arrived in this ancient city. She is of Minorcan descent, a cultural group of people migrated from Minorca, Spain who still inhabit St. Augustine. Maybe this explains her interest with the old spirits of St. Augustine. She’s been know to say, “When I pass away, I want to stay here like everyone else and have people tell fascinating stories about why I just can’t leave this wonderful city.”

“A Ghostly Experience” walking tour had its beginnings in 1994 when Sandy, owner of Tour Saint Augustine, Inc., decided school groups staying overnight needed a fun, educational activity in the evenings. She met with local writer and historican Karen Harvey and developed a tour based on legends of ghosts and other strange experiences that occurred right here in St. Augustine. She guided groups of school children along narrow brick lined streets at night searching for the supernatural. As you can imagine, “A Ghostly Experience” was a huge success, and due to popular demand, the tour was expanded to include the public.

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