Nation's Oldest City

St. Augustine, FL

Donovan’s Irish Pub

In the Spring of 2008 Donovan’s Irish Pub debuted. Affectionately known to our family as “Tess’s place”, the pub is quickly becoming a favorite spot for St. Augustine locals to frequent, as well as visitors from around the globe. At Donovan’s we want our customers to relax, share friendships old and new, tell many stories, laugh, eat and drink… the Irish way… Grandma Tess’s way.

You see… Tess was the embodiment of an Irish daughter, mother, and grandmother. Family time was extremely important to her. She never found more enjoyment than when she was cooking her homemade Irish dishes for her children and grandchildren (always supplementing the meal with a tasty drink of course).

She has been my inspiration since I was a little girl, to always put family and friends first and embrace life to the fullest. This pub has been created in her memory, so everyone can feel like they are one of Grandma Tess’s little ones and be captivated by her “Irish Love.”

located on North Highway US-1, St. Augustine, Florida in the new Plaza Palencia Commercial Center. You can find us immediately southeast of the intersection of Highway US-1 and International Golf Parkway.

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