Nation's Oldest City

St. Augustine, FL

95 Cordova

At the Casa Monica Hotel, dining is celebrated as an art form. 95 Cordova features New World, Middle Eastern and Asian flavors. The menu of seasonally inspired menus is enjoyed among lavish antiques, exotic silk fabric and hand-painted 24-karat gold ceilings. Named for its signature streak of cobalt blue, the glamorous Cobalt Lounge is St. Augustine’s newest place to sip top-shelf martinis and sample an extensive wine-by-the-glass list.

Overseeing 95 Cordova, renowned Executive Chef DeJuan Roy leads a team of outstanding service and culinary staff working in perfect concert to create an outstanding fine dining experience.

95 Cordova’s Cobalt Lounge is the city’s hot spot to relax and gather in the evening, drawing a glamorous crowd for cocktails, “mood food,” and live entertainment. Candlelit tables and lush holstered seating create an upscale ambience with exotic nuance.

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